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Our Team

I’m Lynne, the owner of Krazee K9’s. I have two crazy cocker spaniels named “Beau” & “Bailey” who don’t half keep me on my toes! They are full of the joys of life and have kept me smiling through some very tough times. It’s down to them that I started to think that, just maybe, I could start my very own little business! So that’s how Krazee K9’s began!

I’m Maxine, I have a huge passion and love for dogs and have worked with them in varying capacities over the years. I’m certifiably mad being the proud owner of 6 cocker spaniels! Krazee K9’s was named after my eldest dog Krazee. Lynne wanted a unique name for the business, Krazee was suggested and the rest is history!

Together we have over 20 years experience in the canine industry. You can trust in us at Krazee K9’s, we are DBS checked and fully insured. We pride ourselves on offering quality and service for you and your dogs, supporting British Farmers and small businesses using only the best quality meats.

All dogs have their own personality, which makes them unique and special to all of us, that’s why we like to give them a variety of choice for food or treats to help with training or just as a nice tasty snack for being a good dog.

Because dogs smile too…