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  • Our best selling product. Totally Natural raw food are a high quality raw food for dogs, produced and distributed from Ayrshire in Scotland. The mince comes in a variety of flavours, both as single proteins and complete mixes. Contact us for full list of flavours in stock.
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Unfortunately due to ever rising costs throughout the whole industry, from raw produce, fuel, wages, electricity, packing film, cardboard boxes, transportation etc, in line with the majority of manufacturers our suppliers have implemented a price increase which came into effect on Monday 25th October.
Unfortunately the price of prime beef mince & chunks, venison mince & chunks have seen a larger increase. Prime lamb chunks & mince cannot be sourced at anything close to a reasonable price at the moment so won’t be available for the foreseeable future
We have absorbed all the price increases over the last couple of weeks or so but we won’t be able to do this much longer.
Therefore our prices will be increasing from Monday 22nd November
Many thanks for your understanding
Lynne & Max
Krazee K9’s
Mixed 8kg boxes standard flavours will be £25.50 per box.
Price per kg will be £3.35
Prime flavours will be individually priced only, no longer a mixed box deal due to the larger increase in price for us to purchase.

1kg £3.35

8kg box £25.50

Boxes can be mixed with any flavours you wish.


  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Lamb & Offal Boneless
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Tripe


  • Chicken & Rabbit (Out of Stock)
  • Duck & Rabbit


  • Beef & Tripe
  • Chicken & Tripe (Out of Stock)
  • Duck & Tripe
  • Lamb & Tripe
  • Turkey & Tripe (Out of Stock)
  • Venison & Tripe

80/10/10 COMPLETES

  • Beef & Offal
  • Chicken/Beef/Offal
  • Chicken/Rabbit/Offal
  • Chicken/Salmon/Offal
  • Chicken/Tripe/Offal
  • Duck/Beef/Offal
  • Duck/Lamb/Offal
  • Duck/Rabbit/Offal
  • Duck/Tripe/Offal
  • Goose/Beef/Offal (Out of Stock)
  • Goose/Lamb/Offal (Out of Stock)
  • Goose/Tripe/Offal
  • Turkey/Beef/Offal
  • Turkey/Lamb/Offal
  • Turkey/Tripe/Offal


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Beef, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Lamb, Pork, Salmon, Turkey, Chicken & Beef, Duck & Lamb, Turkey & Beef

4 reviews for Totally Natural

  1. Kari

    Been feeding Totally Natural for my dogs for over a year now. Great product quality, lots of variation in flavours. Dogs love it!

  2. L Jenkinson

    Excellent product, nice chunky mince. Have been feeding it 4 years and our dogs love it.

  3. Ann License

    Just started feeding this raw food and my dogs love it. Have tried before on well known raw and they didn’t like. Will be stocking up again soon. Owner is very helpful and polite.

  4. Edyta

    I’ve been feeding Totally Natural raw food to my two dogs nearly a year now. They both are healthy, full of energy and they love that food.
    I like quite wide range of flavors and chunky consistency of it- no mess and easy to defrost.
    Highly recommended.

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