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We have moved!

The process of moving units started back in January this year. Little did we know when we started that we would need a bigger space within a year and a half of opening. However, back then we didn’t foresee that we would hit a major pandemic which would put the whole country at halt, so everything with preparing for the move would take some extra time. But finally, we are moved in and we are knackered!

The process of moving units was a big and daunting task. Not only did we have to book help to get the big freezers moved over, but we also needed to take down the doors in the old unit to get the freezers out of there. Then we also needed help taking down shelving, putting up shelving, getting a window replaced in the new unit, getting the electricity sorted, the list of jobs to be done were never ending.

The moving process took nearly 24 hours from start to finish. We are thinking it was worth it in the end though! We went from a small, narrow unit to a bright and airy one with over 570 square feet of space! We have a separate area for bedding, dry food, toys and other accessories, and there are 2 brand new freezers just waiting to be filled to the brim. In addition to this we have a display wall with all our natural treats and goodies.

So where is this new unit? Don’t worry, it is only 200 yards down the road from the old one! Follow the road a bit further into the Business Park, we will have signs put out so you won’t miss us! Our opening times remain the same.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below! We are looking forward to seeing you in our new unit.

Happy shopping!

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