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Raw Feeding – Eggs

Eggs are a perfect little pack of nutrition. They contain both essential fatty and amino acids, and have a number of vitamins like vitamin A, B, D, and K. And it also contains iron, folate, iodine, calcium, selenium and zinc, and not at least – protein! Basically if you were to eat only one food for the rest of your life, eggs would be a good choice!

We like to give our dogs a raw egg on top of their dinners a couple of times a week. Raw eggs helps with their fur and contributes to a shiny coat, the vitamin B strengthen nails and help prevent flaky skin.

Eggs are an excellent choice if your dog has an upset tummy. Scramble them and let them cool before serving. It’s an easy digestible food for sensitive and upset stomachs. Try serving your dog a hard boiled egg in the shell, and let it have fun trying to figure out how to eat it. Nature’s own enrichment. Remember to let it cool down first!

What about salmonella in raw eggs? British eggs have a very low chance of salmonella. A high number of eggs are produced in the UK on a yearly basis, and the risk for salmonella is low. However if you are anxious about the risk for a salmonella infection, remember that you can feed your dogs cooked eggs too. You would want to give your dogs the best eggs there is, so consider going for organic, free-range healthy chickens if you can afford it. You can even let your dog eat the egg shells if they like it, it is a good source of chalk.

We hope this little blog post have given you some inspiration to feed raw eggs or cooked to your dogs, let us know how they like their eggs in the comment section below.

Happy feeding!

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